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Architectural Design & Urban Planing

Egyptian Belgian company in collaboration with its outstanding partners, offers optimal solutions for the design of projects that put the future with all its directions as a target, including all the aspirations for the use of renewable energy with the rationing of consumption to reduce the non-calculated increases while respecting the environment in smart sustainable buildings in order to reach the maximum optimum comfort for the user. Our company, in collaboration with its partners, is able to assimilate and implement all the new developments during recent years, "We design the optimal future in the present." Using environment friendly materials is a priority in the designs of Egyptian Belgian company's projects according to the global environmental standards.

This overall experienced vision wich characterizes our company,enable us to implement comprehensive solutions to projects concerning new cities,districts and subdivisions.

Wind & Solar Power

 Autonomous wind/solar energy platform for both urban and remote areas.

Turning renewable energy into IoT applications.

* Smart Lighting

* Public Wi-Fi hotspot

* Small cells base stations

* USB charging station

* Video analytics ( surveillance,smart parking,traffic ...)

* Web based monitor and control

We create a web based remote monitoring and control platform that allows users not only to monitor the system's performance but also to control each application indepedently.

Green Building


Our aim (A clean environment .... .... save energy....... economical cost)

This slogan led us to develop and implement solutions and designs that makes our achievements environment and public health friendly and make our solutions and designs investor friendly because of its positive effects on the rationalization of consumption and thereby reduce spending.

To achieve these goals we relayed, with our outstanding partners, on the design and implementation of green buildings, environmental friendly projects and, consequently, choosing materials and implementation tools carefully in order to achieve the target accurately.

Pipeline,Tunneling,Cable & Water works

 Since 1923 , our partner has grown into a leading builder of water, gas and oil pipelines. With exceptional technological know-how and an impressive fleet of machines, he is currently builds pipelines in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.


our partner is a past master of boring tunnels in soils with varying geology, under rivers or global cities using unique tunneling machines. We become a specialist in the installation of underground high voltage cables since the last decade.


From Belgium to deepest Africa,our partner is not only lays (drinking) water pipes but also constructs entire water supply systems. From pumping stations and water treatment plants to building water towers.

Lighting consultancy

Lighting Egyptian Belgian company has extensive experience in the design and implementation of external and internal lighting for smart buildings, which allow the use of light when needed and therefore reduce energy consumption.

We are tailoring the last Led technology to manage the lighting consumption and high comfort for our customer .

Global Renewable Solutions

We are a leading company acquiring its European expertise to provide clean, reliable and efficient renewable energy solutions.

Within a decade,the company has achieved an outstanding success and installed over 1,500 mega projects residential & industrial.

Restoration & renovation works

We are highly passionate about restoration and renovation.

This discipline breathes new life into our magnificent heritage, incorporating the power of the here and now.

We employ the most innovative and sustainable building techniques with the greatest respect for the original character.

Smart City Lighting


The Smart Lighting System control modules creates "light bubbles " following the road users wherever they go.

This network allowing remote monitoring and remote access to cosumption statistics,traffic,etc.By varying dynamically the light emitted by each luminaire,to minimize power consumption with a dedicated light bubble especially adapted to need and speed ( car,pedestrian,cyclist,etc.)


Roadways,Walkways,Bikeways,Warehouses,Parkings,Waterways, etc.


- Savings up to 80% of electricity & 30% of maintenance

- Telemonitoring and Telecontrol

- Improved ecological footprint

- Full EN norms compliance with increased comfort & safety.

Home Automation


A simple solution to let you manage your :

- Lights

- Security

- Climate

- Rooms

- Multimedia

- Services

This smart home system will up grade your quality of life and reduce your energy consumption.

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